My second talk at the Low Carb Universe conference (Nov 15th 2018, Mallorca) - this one demystifies #Cholesterol Particle Counts in Heart Disease. Sure, LDL particles are part of the atherosclerotic process - but you gotta know the context in which they operate!

0:38  Intro to Cholesterol Particles in context - comparative analysis of populations
4:17  LDL particles in Atherosclerosis & Heart Disease
6:01  The Layers 0 to 5 which decide LDL Particle Count importance
8:31  Layer 1 - The Glycocalyx
12:46 Layer 2 - The Endothelium
19:22 Layer 3 - The Intima Proteoglycans
21:36 Layer 4 - The Wonderful HDL Efflux
25:36 Layer 0 (bonus layer) - The Oxidized LDL Axis
29:29 Five Layers to Watch, beyond the mere number of particles


Published on 6 Dec 2018 : Coronary Calcification - and Fixing the Root Causes of Heart Disease. It's not so hard to avoid chronic disease - but you gotta know how !

1:44 "If you don't measure it" - the Power of CAC
6:19 The importance of Calcification Progression
8:53 DRUGS - the latest story on Statins
10:46 LDL "Bad Cholesterol" versus Insulin - judged by CAC
12:07 LDL "Bad Cholesterol" versus the Total:HDL ratios
14:17 Spot the IMPORTANT Risk Factors here !
16:22 OMG - majority of Americans are essentially diabetic? The Elephant in the Room
17:59 WHY so much chronic disease?
22:00 The Root Cause Diagram explains
24:24 The Primary Solutions
26:55 Introduction to Part 2 - the Cholesterol Particles in Heart Disease



The Widowmaker Movie short version - now with SUBTITLES included for Spanish, Brazil/Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Serbian, Romanian, Afrikaans, Estonian and English - with many other languages too! So no matter what your nationality, you can Know your Score. And take action - before it's too late.

Heart disease can be managed and progression halted - but first you need to know if you have it.


August 2018 Part Two: Want to FIX your heart disease? Okay then - here you go! 

What if you get a high CAC score? You can resolve the progressive disease of atherosclerosis by focusing on key vectors. Here I give an overview of some of the latter.

Many thanks to Adrian Neville of Bank of Ireland who organised this charitable evening


August 2018 Part One: Want to FIND OUT your REAL level of heart disease? Okay then - here you go! #CAC

What if you get a high CAC score? You can resolve the progressive disease of atherosclerosis by focusing on key vectors. Here I give an overview of some of the latter.

Many thanks to Adrian Neville of Bank of Ireland who organised this charitable evening


June 2018: My talk at Ketocon - pulling no punches (!)             I cover all you need to know, including the enormous Elephant in the Room  :-)


Published on 3 Aug 2018 - Douglas P Boyd PhD

...a must-watch if I may say so. Doug is former Professor of Physics and more importantly the inventor of the calcium scanning technology back in 1978. 
His incredible invention has huge implications for today's world - it gives the "right to know" back to the people. You can determine your degree of arterial disease with this amazing technology - and take action before it's too late.


Published on 19 Jul 2016

My 2016 talk at a large gathering of ambulance staff and paramedics in Dublin. Some new slides, new studies - and a rather special 'patient story' I recently dealt with. Wanna know how to address the root causes of Cardiovascular Disease? OK - you got it.


Dr Ben Bocchicchio with Fat Emperor - #Resistance #Training for the win ! 

Great meeting with Dr. Ben Bocchicchio at Low Carb San Diego 2018 - he's been all over the key solutions since 1975...! Add the right training - just 15mins twice a week even - to your optimized nutritional regime. It'll make a world of difference ;-)


Published May 2018 - Talk at Foodnews Conference Prague

Excellent conference in Prague - crammed with doctors, specialists, policy people, dietitians and interested public. Here I cover a teeny slice of the knowledge contained in our new book "Eat Rich, Live Long". I emphasize the power of the quick-and-easy Calcium Scan, which blows away the risk factors in telling you your real level of health. I then move of to elaborate on to the enormous Elephant in the Room  :-)


Published April 2018 - Gabor Erdosi Part 2 of 2

The deeper root causes lie in your incretin control system - which dictates insulin response and glucose control dynamics. And processed food carb is the kryptonite which has laid the population low. Continue with our fascinating journey, as Gabor explains the very roots of modern chronic disease. What you need to order to stay alive !
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Published April 2018 - Gabor Erdosi Part 1 of 2

How do you avoid an early death from a Heart Attack? Or indeed from any modern chronic diseases?
The answers lie in your Adipocytes - the cells of your fat tissue.Join us on a fascinating journey as Gabor explains the very roots of modern chronic disease. We start with weight loss - and end with what you must order to stay alive !
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Published on 6 Oct 2017 - BACPR London Talk

It was an honour and a privilege to speak at the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) annual conference.  No-one has all the answers, no-one has a monopoly on the truth. It is by discussing and debating the science that we will progress against the enormous disease burden our society now faces. I delivered somewhat controversial talk - enjoy - and subscribe at



Published on 11 Sep 2017

What do you do when your doctors can offer little useful advice for nasty blood test results? Ivor Cummins kicks off with a personal tale of discovery. Along the way we’ll meet with some quite familiar risk factors. And some measures which may be less familiar, but rather more important. We must research ourselves to discover what matters the most. Otherwise we’ll just spin uselessly…in cholesterol circles. 


Published on 8 Aug 2017  Dr. Jeff Gerber and myself finally caught up with Professor Matthew J. Budoff in California. He was a pivotal figure in recognizing the power of the CT Scan of the Heart - and decades ago to boot. He has led extensive cardiac research efforts over the past decades, publishing an enormous amount of papers on calcification scanning. Did you know that 40% of heart attacks occur in the 10% of people with highest CAC Score? Watch 'The Widowmaker Movie' (2015) with Gillian Anderson and Larry King:



Published on 13 Sep 2016 Caught up with Dr. Ted Naiman (yes, THE Ted Naiman) in Seattle today, and had a chat on some of the key elements that enable long-term health and longevity. Wondering about the most important blood tests? Ok we talked about those. The ideal diet for the human species? Yep - had a few words. The best diagnostic tests for cardiovascular disease? Yup. 

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Published on 19 Aug 2016 Dr. Jason Fung gave another great talk at Low Carb USA San Diego. Got to catch up for a chat on camera too. Jason is trying to resurrect for us the superb practice of fasting - the benefits of which have been recognised by ALL of the world's religions for millennia. And rightly so - for metabolic health, neurological health, and to stave off many forms of disease - fasting is one of the best things you can...'indulge in'. I do it all the time - to keep an edge! Here in part one, he introduces the basics.


Published on 21 Aug 2016  Jason doesn't put too fine a point on things, and rightly so - we are living through a public health absurdity, and millions are suffering. Here in part two, we delve deep into the power of fasting. It can quickly resolve fatty liver and T2 diabetes - why aren't people being told we wonder? Jason gets into his stride here, appropriately outraged by the absurdity! Share to help others see the light...



Published on 11 Aug 2016  Really enjoyed Dr. Mike Eades' talk at Low Carb USA San Diego last week. Finally got to have a chat with him on camera too. Mike decoded the carbohydrate mess way, way back - and is always willing to help anyone with his immense knowledge. Here in part one, we talk about the LCHF evidence base. Also, we touch on the horror of the 'heart-healthy' vegetable oils...! 




Published on 10 Aug 2016  Shocking content and powerful delivery in RD Dikeman's talk at Low Carb USA San Diego. Myself and Dr. Jeff snagged him to talk a little on it. RD set up and leads the fantastic TYPEONEGRIT facebook group, and also produced many video discussions with the great Dr. Bernstein.


July 2016 San Diego: Priyanka Wali MD and Fat Emperor discuss saving the world - with LCHF !  The second discussion from Low Carb USA San Diego is with the articulate and assertive young doctor Priyanka Wali. Not long practising, but already she knows a lot more than most docs about nutrition and disease. Did she go to a special med school you may ask, where they actually teach nutrition? Why no - she had to do her own research, just like the rest of us! In any case she's the smartest doc on the block, and shouldn't need to hand out meds like candy :-)


July 2016 San Diego: Dominic D'Agostino and Fat Emperor talk Ketogenic Diets & Cancer. I really enjoyed Dominic D'Agostino's great talk at Low Carb USA San Diego the other day. I then had the privilege of sitting with him for this short discussion. Dominic has been leading extraordinary scientific work in the use of ketogenic diets to aid in cancer treatment and prevention. Here he covers many key points in this exciting arena !  More details of the superb conference last weekend are at - get with the low carb revolution... :-)


Published on 19 Jul 2016 My talk for a large gathering of ambulance staff and paramedics in Dublin. Some new slides, new studies - and a rather special 'patient story' I recently dealt with. Wanna know how to address the root causes of Cardiovascular Disease? OK, you got it. You can see an interview with the amazing Dr. Joseph R. Kraft here:


Published on 20 Jun 2016  "This is not a percentage game - death is an individual game." -David Bobbett, entrepreneur and business leader. What would you do if presented with a devastating diagnosis? A diagnosis revealed with a powerful test, a test that can clearly identify the world's biggest killer - raging in your body? Finally, what would you do when you discover that this test has been available for 30 years, and could save millions of lives - but no-one really knows about it? Welcome to the world of Calcium Scanning and the CAC Score.


Dr. Joseph R. Kraft developed and validated the ultimate (and earliest) test for diabetes back in the 1970's. His personal research and exceptional experience as a lifelong pathologist enabled him to link the vast majority of modern heart disease to undiagnosed diabetes. Kraft reached the age of 95 years in August 2015, and his legacy should be enormous - but it has gone unrecognized so far. Please share this free production as widely as possible in order to correct this rank injustice; you will also be helping the world to understand how Type 2 Diabetes can be PROPERLY diagnosed and resolved. With Kraft's early diagnosis, and the emerging realization that diabetes can be prevented through specific dietary means, we can save millions from unnecessary cardiac death. Dr. Kraft's book is absolutely required reading:


Published on 28 May 2016  Super to catch up with Prof Tim Noakes, following his excellent talk at the Foodloose event, Iceland. Here we discuss the challenges of LCHF leadership, and how to stem the tide of Diabesity. This will only be achieved through the appliance of correct nutritional science. But how does one overturn the many misled professions?




May 11th 2016 - Ireland's #LCHF and Longevity Event  - my intro talk on Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Disease and Calcium Scanning. Don't settle for cholesterol junk-science. Get a grip on the far more important causes.





The Big One - published on 31 May 2014 A detailed analysis of Cholesterol Science using an Engineering Problem Solving approach.  Included is a clear explanation of the Cholesterol Metabolic Processes, related Diseases, and most importantly a clear summary of the key risk factors and how they can be influenced by your genetic type and your dietary strategy.  Please see Comment Section below for an index to the various content sections, so you can jump to the ones of most interest; for best understanding though, it should be watched sequentially. Produced for the benefit of all, and to encourage open scientific discourse on this important topic.