Podcast 0006: Andrew Scarborough's Journey - Specialised Keto for Cancer

Myself and Dr. Jeffry Gerber had the privilege of meeting Andrew Scarborough at the Health Unplugged Conference, London.

Cancer has been a leading cause of death in the Western world for some time now, but what is the best nutritional regime to address it? Andrew Scarborough was faced with massive seizures and migraines, followed by a belated diagnosis of Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma. This is a most serious form of brain cancer, invariably fatal. He researched extensively and learned that chemotherapy would do little or nothing for the genetic form of his disease. His oncologist admitted as much when confronted with the data. Andrew would go on to attack a metabolic disease...with a carefully aimed metabolic weapon. What would be the best weapon available for a human with invasive brain cancer? In this inspiring conversation, we will get to see. Rarely has one man's application of scientific research, been so focussed and so inspiring - enjoy and share widely...

Youtube video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f5e9GbXvIk

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