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Here in part three we wrap up - until next time!  Book publishing tips, and primetime potty-casting? You got it. Performance athletics with low carb and NSNG? Sure thing. Carb-loading woo - yep we cover that too. And then some... :-)


Here in part two we take off the gloves. "Fat burns in the flame of carbohydrates"? You can lose weight by eating lots of pasta? Medical doctors actually get nutritional training? Who the hell makes up this sh"t - has industry got anything to do with the persistent junk-science? :-)Supported by Please subscribe for free to - for more free content :-)

Had breakfast with Vinnie Tortorich and the lovely Serena Scott-Thomas in LA recently. Afterwards we dropped in to Malibu Beach to capture some shenanigans. In part one we get a brief history of Vinnie's troublemaking for the Sugar and Grain industries. We muse on the Diabesity crisis, and wonder how it all went so badly wrong!

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I really enjoyed Angela Poff's informative talk at Low Carb USA San Diego. I then had the privilege of sitting with her for this short discussion. Anglea has been working with Dominic D'Agostino on the interactions between ketogenic diets and cancer metabolism. Here she covers many key points in this exciting arena !  More details of the superb conference last weekend are at - get with the low carb revolution... :-)


The second part of my chat with the intellectual's intellectual - Nick Mailer ! Here we take the p"ss out of weak hypotheses - well someone has to, eh? Nothing is sacred - all science must be questioned or science is for nought. Okay then - let's do it.

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July 2016: Dr. Michael Eades and Fat Emperor talk LCHF Evidence - and Veg Oils...! Really enjoyed Dr. Mike Eades' talk at Low Carb USA San Diego last week. Finally got to have a chat with him on camera too. Mike decoded the carbohydrate mess way, way back - and is always willing to help anyone with his immense knowledge. Here in part one, we talk about the LCHF evidence base. Also, we touch on the horror of the 'heart-healthy' vegetable oils...!


Vail February 2016 - See :  "Can an engineer know more about how to get healthy than his doctor, in fact more than his three doctors? When it comes to using nutrition, the answer is yes. Meet Ivor Cummins, who quickly had to become an expert to cure himself. Ivor Cummins is a well-trained problem solver. When blood tests showed liver problems – the very common issue fatty liver – Ivor set out to find the solution to the problem. He soon found it. Soon he had lost lots of weight and his liver problems were totally gone. See why here...


Fat Emperor interviews the Cardiology 'Father of Calcium Scanning' - Bruce Brundage MD. This man was pivotal in recognising the power of the CT Scan of the Heart, working closely with the Physicist inventor of this amazing technology (Doug Boyd PhD). Did you know that 40% of heart attacks occur in the 10% of people with highest CAC Score? Or that people with a yearly rising CAC score - have 17.2 TIMES the heart attack rate compared to those with stable CAC? That's right - the Calcium Scan is cheap, fast and unparalleled.


Really enjoyed this interview with Andreas - and there's some useful nuggets in there. For the Holegrain-sozzled masses. With their painfully-strained livers :-)

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May 11th 2016 - Ireland's #LCHF and Longevity Event

- my intro talk on Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Disease and Calcium Scanning. Don't settle for cholesterol junk-science. Get a grip on the far more important causes.


April 2016 - My latest Podcast with Vinnie Tortorich:

Excerpt that covers my upcoming book is directly below:


Join Professor Feinman and myself for a sun-drenched conversation on his Brooklyn patio. Himself and Professor Eugene Fine are doing great new research on #ketogenic diets and #cancer benefits. Please support them if you can...! Please for more free content :-)


APRIL 2016:

Dropping by New York I took the opportunity to have another enjoyable chat with Dr. Brookler. Since our last meeting, he has been focussing in on the clinical effects of low-carb, high-fat diets. He is seeing some impressive outcomes from the approach !
He has also been researching insulin's effects on endoplasmic reticulum stress...


Ketogenic Diets and Cancer

Cancer has been a leading cause of death in the Western world for some time now, but what is the best nutritional regime to address it? Andrew Scarborough was faced with massive seizures and migraines, followed by a belated diagnosis of Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Myself and Dr. Jeffry Gerber had the privilege of meeting Andrew in London recently. We captured insights around his brave and compelling journey. Rarely has one man's application of scientific research, been so focussed and so inspiring - enjoy.


A great chat on the dietary guidelines confusion, the power of 'food as medicine', and Aseem's upcoming movie with Cereal Killer Donal O'Neill:


November 2015: The Fat Emperor and Dr. Jeff Gerber catch Damon in London to discuss his recent release, following a great lunch with a seriously low-carb crew, organised by Zoe Harcombe (pic below).
'That Sugar Film' is making waves indeed in the past few months, educating the public in one of the world's primary health issues - rent it now !


This second and final part of our conversation covers Sugar, Statistical Shenanigans, and the Low-Fat Lunacy. It concludes with checking in on the progress of theSecond Low Carbohydrate Revolution. I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as I did. His excellent book that clears up decades of confusion:

The landmark carbohydrate and diabetes paper here:


In early August I had the pleasure of being welcomed by Richard at his home in Brooklyn, NY. He was a most gracious host, and I felt privileged to enjoy a discussion with one of the technical leaders in the movement.  Our conversation centred on something huge and inexorable that will stem the epidemic of 'diabesity' in our world; that's right folks - we were talking about the Second Low Carbohydrate Revolution. The landmark carbohydrate and diabetes paper here:


THE KRAFT INTERVIEW: Trump Tower Chicago July 31

Dr. Joseph R. Kraft developed and validated the ultimate (and earliest) test for diabetes back in the 1970's. His personal research and exceptional experience as a lifelong pathologist enabled him to link the vast majority of modern heart disease to undiagnosed diabetes. Kraft reached the age of 95 years in August 2015, just after myself and Dr. Jeffry Gerber conducted this interview. His legacy should be enormous - but it has gone unrecognised so far. Please share this free production as widely as possible in order to correct this rank injustice; you will also be helping the world to understand how Type 2 Diabetes can be PROPERLY diagnosed and resolved. With Kraft's early diagnosis, and the emerging realisation that diabetes can be prevented through specific dietary means, we can save millions from unnecessary cardiac death. Dr. Kraft's book is absolutely required reading:


Published on 14 Aug 2015

A conversation with Dr. Brookler on preventing Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease, Migraine and other inner ear disorders - touching on the underlying root causes that unify these. We also cover some of the many issues with modern research bias, and knowledge gaps in the medical community with respect to chronic disease root cause. Finally we touch on the work of Dr. Joseph Kraft, whose discovery of Hyperinsulinemia patterns and much more could enable us to halt the Diabesity Epidemic. Enjoy, and join up for free to for future content....!


Published on 6 Aug 2015

Dr. Jeffry Gerber and Dr. Ted Naiman riff on hyperinsulinemia, low carbohydrate, diabetes, Dr. Kraft and more...

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Streamed live on 2 Aug 2015

Dr. Eric Westman and Dr. Jeffry Gerber

Items covered: Cape Town Low Carb Summit, Dr. Westman's Low Carb Adapt venture, Heal Clinic endeavour, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians presidency and leadership role(newly named: OMA), Hyperinsulinemia and and some other salient stuff !



APRIL 2015:



2014: Know your Metrics - Basic Blood Tests explained!






APRIL 2015:

Diabetes mini-Seminar and 'Run on Fat' Movie Premiere

Dec 2014: My latest Seminar Video, an explanation of the importance of Vitamin D Status, and the epidemic of deficiency in the current population; Slides at:

The Slidedeck from the D Seminar, with some extra stuff in backup:  D is For Debacle




My 1/1 with Vinnie Tortorich now released on his podcast - warning: it's 1h20m and covers.....a lot !



August 2014: My latest Video, decoding many blood test metrics for the interested public - while this is scientific research with an engineering bias (and not medical advice per se), it should really help people to understand the basics, and enable greater productivity in the doctor/patient consultation -Slides available at:


July 2014: Jimmy Moore's Podcast of me rambling on as usual - thanks Jimmy, it was good fun...:)


July 2014: Interview with Sam Feltham from Smash The Fat - gives some background and thoughts behind The Cholesterol Conundrum Seminar......thanks Sam!


May 2014 The Cholesterol Conundrum Seminar Video

The Disease Process, The Control System, The Risk Factors, and the Primary Root Cause of Dysfunction


May 19th 2014 - An Upcoming Seminar on Cholesterol - Final Cut of Slidepack (well, almost final...)



The comprehensive engineering-style explanation of how sugar and excessive carbohydrate drives Appetite Dysfunction, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and a lot more!

Jan 20th 2014: The Root Cause of Appetite Dysfunction, Obesity, Diabetes and Inflammatory Disease - a Seminar


Part 2 of my chat with Dr. Mike Eades at Low Carb USA San Diego. Mike decoded the carbohydrate mess way, way back - and is always willing to help anyone with his immense knowledge. In part two, we discuss the power of the Calcium Scan - and the prophetic CAC Score. Also, we muse on causes for our totally insane Diabesity epidemic