Coronary Calcification - and Fixing the Root Causes of Heart Disease #LCHF #CAC #CVD

My latest talk at the Low Carb Universe conference (Nov 15th 2018, Mallorca)

It's not so hard to avoid chronic disease - but you gotta know how !

1:44 "If you don't measure it" - the Power of CAC
6:19 The importance of Calcification Progression - watch your score over time
8:53 DRUGS - the latest story on Statins
10:46 LDL "Bad Cholesterol" versus Insulin - judged by CAC / Atherosclerosis
12:07 LDL "Bad Cholesterol" versus the Total:HDL ratios and Insulin Issues
14:17 Spot the IMPORTANT Risk Factors here !
16:22 OMG - majority of Americans are essentially diabetic? The Elephant in the Room
17:59 WHY so much chronic disease?
22:00 The Root Cause Diagram explains
24:24 The Primary Solutions
26:55 Introduction to Part 2 - the Cholesterol Particles in Heart Disease

The second follow-on lecture can be watched below (Cholesterol, Particle Counts and Heart Disease - Put into Context #ApoB #LDLp)

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