Ireland National Wellbeing Day 31st March - what are they telling us? #LCHF?

Ok you couldn't make it up. So I didn't. National Workplace Wellbeing Day arrives on March 31st. What will stem the enormous tide of diabetic dysfunction based on previous dietary advice? Well let's take a look. 

Document can be downloaded here:  HEALTHY KIDS DIETARY GUIDE

Some excerpts below. Carb-up with insulinogenic Holegrains? and decimate the healthy evolutionary fats in our diet? Perfect fuel to prime the pump...for a metabolic syndrome future. The pyramid first - as for the past 40 years, so it continues:

...and it appears that our children have transmuted into little horses:

...looks like they are certainly not a species descended directly and proximately from hunter-gatherer tribes:

Just in case you inexplicably didn't get the main message:

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