Ireland's Top Dietician: Sugar is not a big deal, and #LCHF is Stupid Fad ;-)

The title says it all - one of Ireland's top consultant dieticians (with multiple nutrition degrees) let's us know what healthy eating is all about. It's only about the calories - that's what counts. Breakfast cereals are full of great nutrition, with relatively few calories. Carbs are irrelevant physiologically - it's the calories stupid. We're just eating too much is all. Most importantly, we need to properly follow the current guidelines and then "no-one would be overweight or obese".

Unmissable and classic piece of risible radio - enjoy!

p.s. Here's the "scientific" study referenced - even worse than the usual associational claptrap Excerpt: "The NutriSant√© study is an internet-based study, initiated in 2009.....Each month, volunteers are invited to complete questionnaires related among other things to food behaviour.....". Yep - an internet-survey based associational twaddle asking about food preferences. Eight out of ten scientist cats in our survey said this paper is junk (the other two are on food company payroll).