Boom! #LCHF wisdom from Aseem Malhotra on BBC4 - Butter is Back !

Aseem does it again with an another important #LCHF message on BBC Radio 4 - no room for doubt here ! This is radio so the ladies will miss his handsome visage - just had to steal a pic from (super - look it up).  So seconds out, round one - meet the contestants:
* In the Yellow Corner we have Butter - the creamy, delicious, healthy, nutritious foodstuff of our ancestors.
* In the Grey* Corner we have Margarine - the disgusting, poisonous, plastic paste of Satan - the bastard child of chemically processed seed oils.

 *The initial scum that results is GREY and rancid - before chemical scrubbing, flavouring and colouring steps. That's how they make this industrial runoff product....

Guess who gets a knockout several seconds into the first round ? Yep - you got it !