#Cholesterol Versus Insulin Resistance - found an IR Vs ApoB direct compare!

Ah at last - a good case-control with a direct head-to-head between Insulin Resistance and the great ApoB - just what the doctor ordered, n'est pas? So who will win - perhaps it will be a photo-finish, with both sharing the spoils of heart disease mayhem?

Well no - there will be a clear winner here. And one 'also-ran', who never even got past the first fence I'm afraid. Curious? Well see below - the 2004 paper: 'Abnormal glucose tolerance – a common risk factor in patients with acute myocardial infarction in comparison with population-based controls'


And the final result (I'm sure you guessed right - Insulin Resistance romped home - again. We have evidence for ApoB causality, and certainly as a proxy for other issues - but balance of evidence is important too!

Oh and in case you're thinking "maybe the lipid lowering lowered the ApoB etc etc" :

Thanks @chrimbo23 - shortening telomeres linked to cancer, CHD and damn near everything - guess what shortens 'em? http://najms.net/v03i02p057w/