Wanna Head-to-Head between Insulin and LDLc? Here you go... #LCHF2015

Another juicy Insulin paper, this time comparing CHD family history peeps; so what ties with whether you go down or not? I'll give you a clue - it ain't the LDLc. Aw shucks - sure I'll highlight the important stuff in red - is that fair or what? As always, awaiting a response from the low-LDL lovin' echo-chamber guys !

NOTE: Hardly any of these guys are LCHF, that's for sure - or you would see peeps with Fasting Insulin of ~5 uIU/ml, rather than the 20-30 average shown. Imagine they were ALL LCHF, maintaining a FI level of <5uIU/ml - how many of them would have CAD? Bugger-all, that's how many !