Fat Emperor Podcast - Dr. Scott Murray, Cardiologist - on Heart Attack Prevention

Okay guys the Podcast won’t be released for another week or so, but here’s an episode from before I got the gear set up right - and it’s got some crucially important messages!

Dr. Scott Murray is a research cardiologist with exceptional experience in interventional and preventative cardiology. He is a particular expert in the field of cardiac imaging, and has published many papers on the compelling findings from both his invasive and non-invasive studies. Dr. Murray is the current president of the British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR).

I met Scott at the Johnstown estate in County Meath, Ireland, where I had just addressed the National Institute of Preventive Cardiology of Ireland (NIPC) conference (before participating in an on-stage debate about saturated fat and nutritional guidelines - that was fun, as you can imagine!). 

Scott and I took the time out to have a quick chat while our wives walked in the extensive hotel grounds. We focused particularly on the latest 2018 American College of Cardiology (ACC) cardiovascular disease guidelines - which have recently given a coveted "2A" evidence level rating for the use of Coronary Artery Calcium scoring (CAC). We also cover several other topics around cardiac Imaging - such as CAC versus CTCA, ability to detect "soft plaque" using CAC - and of course what all the numbers mean for risk of heart attack and all-cause mortality.

Full Transcript here: Dr. SCOTT MURRAY PDF

Podcast Audio on Anchor.fm: https://anchor.fm/ivor-cummins/episodes/Episode-2---Dr--Scott-Murray--Cardiologist---on-Heart-Attack-Prevention-e37ef9

The Fat Emperor Video/Audio Podcast - 3 Minute Teaser! Episodes release before end February

Hi All

The Fat Emperor Podcast is on the way!  With both video and audio - plus transcripts - we have a pile of episodes already completed. We’ll release the series on a weekly basis before the end of February. Sometimes we will release an extra episode during the week, depending on other activity!

Also there will be two to three "Pod Shorts" per week - these will be 5 to 10 minute sessions, supporting or debunking the latest science being touted in the media. Also covered will be key health-related topics and tips - and simplified summaries of scientific publications that have core lessons for us all to heed!

Please subscribe and share this Podcast widely, so that others can benefit. This is a free service to give great health advice in an entertaining format. We are enabled to produce this due to support from the Irish Heart Disease Awareness charity (http://www.IHDA.ie), which advocates the widespread use of the cardiac CT scan that delivers your CAC Score. If you are middle-aged and middle-risk, you've got to "Know your Score!"

AUDIO PODCAST HERE - can subscribe now: https://anchor.fm/ivor-cummins/episodes/Episode-1---The-Fat-Emperor-Podcast---Intro-and-Teaser-Clips-e36rea (episodes will be on all Podcast Platforms, as well as Youtube)



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Newsflash: Do Low-Carb Diets increase mortality?? Or is this just BS? #LCHF #Keto

Heard the news that low carb kills you off early? It's been doing the rounds for sure. Given the wealth of real science demonstrating the health benefits of LCHF, it may have surprised you. Perhaps a friend or relation challenged you to answer for the reports?

Well here I explain the story behind some of that "news" !

Btw EAT-Lancet appears to be an up-and-coming influential group which takes exception to Low Carb, and has a preference for upping our grain intake- some context here: https://www.efanews.eu/item/6053-the-eat-lancet-commission-will-launch.html

Boosting Your Health and Productivity - short & sweet talk for Irish Banking Staff #CAC #RootCause

Gave a corporate talk yesterday to a large group of banking staff - great audience, excellent Q&A afterwards. Every one of the 80+ staff was aware of cholesterol and heart disease. NOT ONE had any awareness of Insulin/Glucose connections to Heart Disease! Also they had not heard of the Calcium Scan and the CAC Score.

But now they know the facts !

I kept this one short and to the point, and it was very much aimed at laypeople rather than already-informed low-carbers. We need to get out beyond the knowledgeable community - right out to the masses of smart people who have been horribly misinformed in recent decades. Here's to mass knowledge-sharing in 2019 ;-)

Inspirational #TED talk - Pat Caslin Lives Strong with Multiple Sclerosis

Excellent TED talk by my friend Pat Caslin on living with #MultipleSclerosis

- pivotal information for those seeking to overcome physical challenge

- so inspirational for those who have much larger crosses to bear than most of us

- you can have health and well-being regardless, and proceed with courage and strength!

Pat is a director of http://www.IHDA.ie who I work on behalf of, as we strive to save those who are at greatest risk of fatal heart attack.

The #CholesterolScience Debate - Fat Emperor with Dave Feldman #HeartDisease #Health

And here is the footage of the #CholesterolScience debate, with Dr. Joel Kahn having a sporting shot tomorrow (Friday 14th December).

I for my part had a great time riffing with Dave Feldman on a load of health-related stuff: cholesterol of course, the recent 2018 ACC/AHA Treatment Guidelines, the best risk calculators out there, CAC and the power of zero, saturated fat toxicity, ApoE4 concerns, FH dudes dilemmas and much, much more - even the old TMAO/LMAO ruse !

Link to Dave’s post here - with show notes from Siobhan Huggins https://cholesterolcode.com/cholesterolscience-show-with-ivor-cummins/

Click below to watch or scroll down further to the index provided…and pick yer poison :-)

Note that hotlinks are provided on the left to jump to your personal preferences !

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Audio below:


00:51 Ivor's back story

04:43 Is high LDL an actual "driver" of inflammation?

05:43 LDL particles as "BB guns" slamming into your artery walls?

07:45 Devil's Advocate: Should we not believe the LDL-as-poison consensus from the world's "experts"?

09:50 The mega-paper on "LDL is causal and fundamental" consensus - should we accept it?

12:33 Peter Attia tweet questioning value of CAC - can we ignore blood markers if CAC=0 ?

17:54 CAC - "The Power of Zero" - and whether statin drugs are needed or not (brand new study - interesting!)

23:39 What tweaks to #LCHF diet for Familial Hypercholesterolemia (or ApoE4) people

29:00 What is Ivor's ApoE4 status - and indeed his family's?

30:36 How soon after a CAC=0 should you think of re-testing?

32:12 Is there any strong evidence that higher LDL will drive ingress into arterial wall - in absence of other problem factors being present?

35:30 Dave picks up on the LOX-1 oxLDL receptor science - and discussion on whether the vascular system is designed to clear oxLDL from circulation

42:10 What about high Lp(a)? Includes discussion on LpPLA2 marker of oxidative stress / atherosclerosis and oxLDL

49:21 Q from Dr. Joel Kahn: Why did Ivor call Ancel Keys "uninformed"?

55:10 Thoughts on taking statins while on a ketogenic diet?

57:00 Lowering high cholesterol without medication - while already on a plant-based diet?

58:36 Discussion on "good" reasons and "bad" reasons for having a high LDLc / LDLp

1:03:10 What do the world's official Risk Calculator aalgorithms say about the risk associated with high LDL ?? NOTE: The risk calculators featured have been run with ONLY high LDL as a risk (other factors set to "good" levels)

1:05:07 Why do recent treatment guidelines have "automatic statin" when LDL≥190mg/dL, even when risk from calculator gives "Low Risk" ??

1:09:47 Some concerns with using the TC/HDL ratio rather than the Trig/HDL and other metrics

1:11:44 Assuming Sat Fat raises LDLp and LDLp is causal, could other factors make this causality not so relevant?

1:13:42 The importance of the ApoB/ApoA1 RATIO - if in doubt, check it out!

1:15:21 Discussion on high Ferritin (iron levels) in risk for chronic disease

1:17:17 Dave's personal ferritin learnings

1:21:07 The current propaganda effort to downplay and criticize HDL as a marker - what's going on?

1:23:50 "HDL is a PIVOTAL part of this whole atherosclerosis problem"

1:27:55 For Lean Mass HyperResponders, if systemic inflammation from non-dietary causes is present - maybe good to lower LDLp anyway?

1:30:20 Can anything be done to improve particle size distribution - if you have "Pattern B" distribution

1:35:10 Should you be concerned with "isolated" low HDL? (if insulin, trigs, CRP and other markers are now good)

1:38:24 The relative lack of focus on ApoA1 and ApoB/ApoA1 markers

1:40:01 Keto critics say that Keto is harmful long term - have they any evidence for this?

1:43:15 One last topic - the dangers of TMAO? Does this idea just make you LMAO? ;-)

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Cholesterol, Particle Counts and Heart Disease - Put into Context. #ApoB #LDLp

My second talk at the Low Carb Universe conference (Nov 15th 2018, Mallorca)

- this one demystifies #Cholesterol Particle Counts in Heart Disease

Sure, LDL particles are part of the atherosclerotic process - but you gotta know the context in which they operate!

0:38  Intro to Cholesterol Particles in context - comparative analysis of populations
4:17  LDL particles in Atherosclerosis & Heart Disease
6:01  The Layers 0 to 5 which decide LDL Particle Count importance
8:31  Layer 1 - The Glycocalyx
12:46 Layer 2 - The Endothelium
19:22 Layer 3 - The Intima Proteoglycans
21:36 Layer 4 - The Wonderful HDL Efflux
25:36 Layer 0 (bonus layer) - The Oxidized LDL Axis
29:29 Five Layers to Watch, beyond the mere number of particles

The first lecture at Low Carb Universe can be watched below (Coronary Calcification - and Fixing the Root Causes of Heart Disease #LCHF #CAC #CVD)

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Coronary Calcification - and Fixing the Root Causes of Heart Disease #LCHF #CAC #CVD

My latest talk at the Low Carb Universe conference (Nov 15th 2018, Mallorca)

It's not so hard to avoid chronic disease - but you gotta know how !

1:44 "If you don't measure it" - the Power of CAC
6:19 The importance of Calcification Progression - watch your score over time
8:53 DRUGS - the latest story on Statins
10:46 LDL "Bad Cholesterol" versus Insulin - judged by CAC / Atherosclerosis
12:07 LDL "Bad Cholesterol" versus the Total:HDL ratios and Insulin Issues
14:17 Spot the IMPORTANT Risk Factors here !
16:22 OMG - majority of Americans are essentially diabetic? The Elephant in the Room
17:59 WHY so much chronic disease?
22:00 The Root Cause Diagram explains
24:24 The Primary Solutions
26:55 Introduction to Part 2 - the Cholesterol Particles in Heart Disease

The second follow-on lecture can be watched below (Cholesterol, Particle Counts and Heart Disease - Put into Context #ApoB #LDLp)

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Fat Emperor at NIPC Conference - 6 minutes of LCHF, CAC & Cholesterol Clarification!

My brutally short preamble to the Low Carb / Keto / Sat Fat debate in yesterday's NIPC conference (we only had 5 minutes each!). By the way, CAC has just earned a coveted 2a recommendation in the latest US treatment guidelines - so if middle-aged and middle-risk, get out there and "Know Your Score" !

Note that the talks and the debate itself were not recorded - so I had to do a quick rendition for sharing this morning - click image below for the fun:

Splash for blog post.PNG

The Cholesterol Conundrum Part 2 ! "Putting #LDL Particle Count into Context"

The original Cholesterol Conundrum was delivered way back in 2014. It explained how the lipoprotein transport system worked, to deliver energy (triglycerides) and also manage the crucial cholesterol cargo in the body.

Now Part Two follows up…on why LDL particle counts may present a problem - for some people. But not for others...!

There will be further installments - HDL’s role in the system needs to be expounded. And there is yet more to the story too - the oxidized LDL heresy needs to be balanced with some competing ideas… ;-)

Big thanks to cardiologist extraordinaire Nadir Ali and his team at Low Carb Houston - and the inimitable Carl Franklin from Ketodudes who managed the video/audio streams ! And so many others of course… :-)

Learn and enjoy…hit the image below for some cholesterol conundrum craziness !

Audio / download here - but you really need the Video with slides above methinks:

For the original Cholesterol Conundrum revelations click below:

Dave Feldman with Fat Emperor on the Attia/Feldman Podcast ! #LDL #Cholesterol

Delighted to have a fireside chat with Dave Feldman today in Washington, covering some key points raised during the latest Peter Attia Podcast. Some useful clarifications of Dave's hypotheses. Remember that this is open and constructive scientific discussion - not medical advice - just the beauty of the science as we strive to clarify the mechanisms - enjoy ! Downloadable audio, and also video.

Note: full version of the Volek/Phinney paper referenced is available here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6173254/pdf/bmjsem-2018-000429.pdf

Don’t forget to see The Widowmaker Movie here - to Know Your Score !



As an aside, I realize now that my Conundrum talk from a few years ago has rather well stood the test of time !

The Widowmaker Movie - just added #FRENCH, #FINNISH and #POLISH Subtitles! #CAC

The Widowmaker Movie short version - now with brand new French, Finnish and Polish subtitles on board - big thanks to Stephan Bernard and Christopher Francoise (French), Jyri Uimonen (Finnish), Kasia and Wojciech Diechtiar (Polish)  for delivering the goods :-)

We still need Chinese, so please let us know if anyone available for that. Whatever your nationality, you can Know your Score. And take action - before it's too late. Please share with your Spanish, French, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Afrikaans, Brazilian/Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Serbian and Estonian friends and help them share within their communities.

Again enormous thanks to our worldwide team of translators:

* Nina Nazor-Hutcheson  and Dr. Ignacio Cuaranta (Spanish)

* David Bodiroza (Swedish)

* Stephan Bernard and Christopher Francoise (French)

* Jyri Uimonen (Finnish)

* Kasia and Wojciech Diechtiar (Polish)

* Christine Price (Afrikaans)

* Dr. Erik Neves, Rodrigo Polesso and Janete Saraiva (Portuguese / Brazil)

* Mihailo Jojic (Serbian)

* Bogdan Chiva (Romanian)

* Aet Sarapuu & Art Uruk (Estonian)   and   * Eric Van Royen and Guido Vogel (Dutch)

They translated the subtitles perfectly and pro bono. Kudos to these great guys, who are prepared to be far more than bystanders in this fight for the people's health. Simply click on the "settings" gear symbol on bottom right and choose captions, language of choice:

Widowmaker Dutch.JPG

Click below image to watch the movie:

Summary: many of you LCHF and Keto-knowledgeable peeps may already be doing the right stuff to prevent progression - that's super. But what about the other 99% of people in the world, who have no clue of the correct nutritional interventions for heart disease? Who are racking up calcium unknowingly, while munching their "healthy wholegrains"? They are entitled to that wake-up call - please share so these people with hidden heart disease can take action. They will come to realize that they've been scammed through decades of bad nutritional advice. Then they will search and find the correct solutions, understanding that something huge was amiss and the "system" essentially failed them. Heart disease can be managed and progression halted - but first you need to know that you have it.

Please do use the share button below, to help wake the people...!

The Fat Emperor Podcast is coming, but the mini-pods are here - short, sweet & salient !

Will be a couple of months before I have a battery of excellent guests ready to release. In the meantime, here's a sample from my newly-built studio. Short and sweet, it reveals the Tsimane Imperative - how we can learn from indigenous peoples...what is important in heart disease avoidance and longevity.

These hunter-gatherer guys are leading the way - and the Calcification Scan (CAC Score) tells us some fundamental truths about how they achieve excellent health !

Fat Emperor on the #LiveTheFuel Podcast - Covering a LOT of Stuff ;-)

Had a very lively fun-filled conversation with the dynamic Scott Mulvaney, and it's now released  (https://livethefuel.com/). We cover....a lot...!

Podcast details and all links here:


Get the bible here:  https://www.amazon.com/Eat-Rich-Live-Long-Mastering/dp/1628602732

Supported by http://www.IHDA.ie - for heart disease prevention

Youttube version below:

See the primary solutions to cardiovascular disease risk here:

And see The Widowmaker Movie here:

How to Prevent Heart Disease - the Science ! Fat Emperor on Siim Land's Podcast :-)

Had great conversation with Siim that went way beyond the basics of heart disease prevention. I'll be speaking at his Biohacker Summit Tallinn 2018 in September. Use code FATEMPEROR for 10% discount:  http://new.biohackersummit.com/2018tallinn/

(NOTE: The full podcast options are available here:  https://siimlandd.podbean.com/e/66-ivor-cummins-on-how-to-prevent-heart-disease/  )


Siim's clear summary of our podcast below, with hyperlinks to your area of interest:

"They say that heart disease is the cause of 1 out of every 4 deaths in the United States and it’s one of the most common killers in western populations. 
Are you one of the 4 people who's going to die to a heart attack or stroke? Find out in this episode of the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast.
I’m your host Siim Land and our guest today is Ivor Cummins. Ivor is a medical researcher who has a degree in chemical engineering and he’s contributing a lot to the study of heart disease prevention. "

The state of heart disease in the world 04:00
What causes heart disease 06:50
How to know if you're in risk of heart disease 11:48
Do calcium supplements cause calcification of the arteries 22:20
Foods to eat to prevent heart disease 42:49


Don't forget that all the science, strategies, plans and recipes for longevity are RIGHT here:



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Want to find out your REAL level of heart disease? Okay then - here you go! #CAC

If you don't measure it, it don't get fixed.

You can resolve the progressive disease of atherosclerosis, which causes most heart attacks and deaths - but you first need to know where you stand. Then you can FIX IT - with part 2 of this talk.
So do you want to find out your REAL level of heart disease, and take action to stop it? Okay then - here you go!

 - Many thanks to Adrian Neville of Bank of Ireland who organised this charitable evening - can donate to the Jack and Jill Foundation in the following link:


The Q&A Session now available below:


Below is Part 2 of the talk - "Fixing It" - with an overview of the things that matter most!

Meet the Inventor of the CT Calcification Scan Technology - it could save your life ! #CAC

Finally caught up with Professor Douglas P Boyd in Las Vegas. He was the pivotal figure who actually invented the CT Scan of the Heart back in 1978. Here he tells the fascinating story of its inception and delivery, and also addresses the absurd arguments against the power of his creation:

Did you know that 40% of heart attacks occur in the 10% of people with highest CAC Score? Or that ~60% of 'Framingham Middle Risk' people are reclassified after a CAC - into LOW or HIGH risk groups? Or that a high score gives you ~20 times the risk of a heart attack - but only if you don't take action to stop the progressing disease? Or that people with a yearly rising CAC score - have 6 to 8 TIMES the heart attack rate compared to those with stable CAC? That's right - the Calcium Scan is cheap, fast and unparalleled - and it is grossly underutilized. Learn the key points in this interview, in less than 30 minutes.

Fat Emperor in Dublin 14th August 2018 - charitable event, and all welcome !

UPDATE:  Checked out venue this morning - there will be ample free parking...and a full bar running throughout the evening... :-)

It's not too often that I'm at an Irish event. However, Bank of Ireland's Adrian Neville has recently organised an evening at the Merrion Cricket Club in aid of the Jack and Jill Foundation. The latter is a very worthy charity, and unsurprisingly I'm delivering the goods for free. All are welcome.  Signed books may also be available on the night...for those who are serious about their health ;-)

Tickets available at the following link ! 


Dr Ben Bocchicchio with Fat Emperor - #Resistance #Training for the win !

Great meeting with Dr. Ben Bocchicchio at Low Carb San Diego 2018 - he's been all over the key solutions since 1975...! Now 70 years old and same body fat/muscle as when he was 25. Boom !

Dr. Ben's latest book I'm reading right now - I'm gonna get back on this wagon for sure:    https://www.amazon.com/15-Minutes-Fitness-SMaRT-Health/dp/1590794230

Want to prevent / resolve chronic heart and other disease? No problem - it's all here:  https://www.amazon.com/Eat-Rich-Live-Long-Mastering/dp/1628602732/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8