#Cholesterol Versus Insulin Resistance - found an IR Vs ApoB direct compare!

Ah at last - a good case-control with a direct head-to-head between Insulin Resistance and the great ApoB - just what the doctor ordered, n'est pas? So who will win - perhaps it will be a photo-finish, with both sharing the spoils of heart disease mayhem?

Well no - there will be a clear winner here. And one 'also-ran', who never even got past the first fence I'm afraid. Curious? Well see below - the 2004 paper: 'Abnormal glucose tolerance a common risk factor in patients with acute myocardial infarction in comparison with population-based controls'


And the final result (I'm sure you guessed right - Insulin Resistance romped home - again. I'm close to finished with ApoB, unless someone can start explaining things better than they have been.

Oh and in case you're thinking "maybe the lipid lowering lowered the ApoB etc etc" :

Thanks @chrimbo23 - shortening telomeres linked to cancer, CHD and damn near everything - guess what shortens 'em? http://najms.net/v03i02p057w/