Brazil is calling! Dr. Jose Carlos Souto talks CAC - and how to resolve Heart Disease !

It was fantastic to catch up with Dr. Souto in London recently, at a Brazilian-focused health event:

Jose is a leader in nutritional resolution of modern diseases in his native Brazil, where his blog has attracted over 20 million hits in recent years:

And how smart is Jose? He is VERY smart - he even knows all about the power of the CAC score, to identify the genuinely at-risk - and reassure the healthy high-cholesterol peeps :-)

Here we talk about that powerful Calcium Scan and CAC score - and importantly also cover the key steps to take...if you have a heart disease concern !

(Note: I will be releasing Dr. Souto's excellent talk at the London event in the coming week, along with those of the other great speakers there...enjoy. And Jose's people will be translating the talks into Portuguese for the huge Brazil market... well as translating The Widowmaker Movie subtitles for Brazil also - so that countless more people can be saved :-)

Gabor Erdosi: Part 2 of 2 - Insulin, Incretins - and the Perils of Processed Food Carbs

How do you avoid an early death from a Heart Attack? Or indeed from any modern chronic diseases?
The deeper root causes lie in your incretin control system - which dictates insulin response and glucose control dynamics. And processed food carb is the kryptonite which has laid the population low... 

Continue with our fascinating journey, as Gabor explains the very roots of modern chronic disease. We start with explaining the incretin system - and end with what you must order to stay alive !

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And how to identify if you have a life-threatening issue? Well just see the fantastic Widowmaker Movie - for free !

Widowmaker Movie Link

And so here it is below - the second part of our Rather revealing interview:

And below is the first part, if you haven't seen it already ;-) 

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Just passed a million views, so made a 1 minute Teaser Vid (with link to free movie!)

Noticed today that I've passed a million views - a bit of a milestone that. The YouTube system has been prompting me to compile a "channel intro video" for a while now, so I finally took the time to do so. Only had time to grab a few tiny clips from all the talks and interviews released, but I think it moves along nicely - let me know what you think :-)

Note the embedded Widowmaker Movie link at the end - to a free viewing of this important and fascinating docudrama. Are you in the middle-aged and middle-risk majority? Whether you're fat or slim makes little difference - only the CAC scan will tell the truth about your level of disease.  Big or small, smoker or gotta Know Your Score! And take action as necessary.

Free viewing of The Widowmaker Movie here - you need to "Know Your Score", if you want to avoid the big one:



Cardiologist Bret Scher and Fat Emperor on the Boundless Health Podcast #Insulin #Longevity

Recorded a great chat with Bret a while back on his super podcast - now released but I'm late in posting it. I kept my personal story short, and mostly focused on the interesting stuff ! Link to the fun below:

Also via iTunes:

Fyi - Dr. Jeff Gerber and I's book for achieving health & longevity:

Eat Rich Live Long

And for the ultimate test to ascertain your current level of disease risk, see this 2015 movie for free – and "Know Your Score!":

The Widowmaker Movie

Bret's summary of our conversation:

"During our conversation, we discuss insulin resistance and insulin tests, the importance of adipose and which food products to eliminate from a diet.

Key Takeaways:

[4:41] How Ivor came to be a proponent of a low carb diet.

[11:25] Why is insulin resistance not being tested properly?

[16:08] What is the mechanism linking cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammation?

[21:30] The Kraft test works, but do you need it?

[27:48] Adipose is an important endocrine organ.

[34:43] Linking LDL to cardiovascular disease.

[43:20] Eat Rich, Live Long focuses overall good health.

[48:02] PUFAs are bad, period."

"Killing For Profit" - The European Parliament Session - Full HD Release !

Super meeting in the 2-hour European Parliament meeting on Thursday - so many issues raised by Dr. Aseem Malhotra, MEP Nathan Gill, Sir Richard Thomson, Professor Hanno Pijl and Sarah Macklin. Now edited with HD footage and clear sound.

Let's get the message out - MEP Nathan Gill and Aseem reckon we can get a million views. Can we? Only if it gets shared like hell !


Some pics from the event:



The manual on achieving health and longevity is here:


And for the ultimate test to ascertain your current health, see The Widowmaker Movie here - for free - and "Know Your Score!"


Gabor Erdosi: The Road to an Early Death Starts in your Fat Tissue - Part 1 of 2

How do you avoid an early death from a Heart Attack? Or indeed from any modern chronic diseases?
The answers lie in your Adipocytes - the cells of your fat tissue.

Join us on a fascinating journey as Gabor explains the very roots of modern chronic disease. We start with weight loss - and end with what you must order to stay alive !

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And how to identify if you have a life-threatening issue? Well just see the fantastic Widowmaker Movie - for free !

Part One below:

Hot-linked Index - jump to your pleasure:
Gabor's story of amazing weight loss: 00:00:01
The hardcore research begins:             00:03:53
Decoding Diabetes:                              00:06:00
The Secrets of the Adipose Tissue:      00:09:32
The Diverse Family of Fats:                  00:13:00
Why Does your Fat Fail?                      00:17:40
Fat-flammation and the crucial GIP:    00:22:00

Part two now available also:

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Gabor Erdosi with Fat Emperor: An Expert Interview on Chronic Disease Avoidance

Gabor Erdosi needs no introduction to many out there. With a molecular and genetic biology background, he has gone deeper than anyone into the mechanisms of hyperinsulinemia and modern chronic disease. He has amassed and analysed thousands of scientific papers in his journey to decode the metabolic pathways - from blood glucose regulation all the way up the causal the very roots of what is destroying population health.

Here we release the first interview from our recent meeting in Budapest. It purposefully takes a "high-level" view of the issues, without going too deep into the mechanisms. The second interview to be released in a few days will cover the latter in a more hardcore manner (UPDATE 14th Apr - 1st segment of second interview now included below this one!). For the tech-heads, Gabor's "Lower Insulin" Facebook Group is a great place to find the very latest science in this sphere:

Venue:  Bock Bistro Pest:       Camera/Sound: Eilís Cummins

Supported by Irish Heart Disease Awareness :

And the deep-dive interview - first half:

And the deep-dive interview - second half:

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"Killing for Profit?" at the European Parliament * Streaming Live * 12th April !

This topic of profiteering in the food and drug industries has been around for some time. While the intentions and motivations can be debated, the outcomes have been clear.

Why did we get food guidelines which inexplicably placed processed foods like bread and pasta ahead of real foods like meat, fish and eggs? Why has chronic disease been blossoming for decades in the population - in spite of the latter becoming increasingly mass-medicated? 

We now face a population-wide tsunami of obesity, diabetes and many other chronic diseases - which will break the world's health systems.

This debacle needs to be debated at the highest level. And it needs to be streamed for all to view.

And it will be ! Can we generate a million people watching across the globe? Hopefully so.Tune in...otherwise you'll simply be tuning out ! For details click below:

The Widowmaker Movie - It could Save Your Life ! #LCHF

Please share this post to those you care about, and give them chance to avoid the big one.

The Widowmaker Movie fascinatingly reveals how big business puts money ahead of saving lives. But you don't need to be fooled by the shenanigans of the money-grubbers. Find out about the supreme technology to reveal true extent of heart disease in your body - and take action before it's too late....!

Teaser of this riveting docudrama below:  

And the 1-Hour version of the movie itself is below - sit back with your device (big screen preferably) - and click image!


Note that to deal with a high score and prevent an event, there may be many resolution steps to take. The high level main ones are presented in the following segment:

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Fat Emperor at #LowCarbBreck - Engineering Problem Solving for Chronic Disease

And now for something completely different :-)

Well not quite - but the first half of this 30 minute talk is new. Dr. Jeff Gerber asked me many times if I could give people a flavour of how complex multi-factorial problems are solved rapidly in the engineering world. So here I give a flavor - enjoy !

The second half is more important though - how do you address your cardiovascular disease risk, and indeed the risk for most modern chronic diseases? How do you apply the principles of good science to achive some degree of safety? And how do you find out what level of disease risk you currently have - and check back in later (after taking action of course) - to verify that you have successfully dealt with the issue?

Important questions those - so watch this and get some answers !

Supported by Irish Heart Disease Awareness - visit for more heart attack prevention details

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Ivor Cummins Fat Emperor on RTE's main Current Affairs Program - Primetime

Well this was a fun experience. Sadly following a clip that illustrated all kinds of unsusual material, I appeared to be put in the seat to defend it. But how could I - it was about matters far outside my research interests.

So I addressed the major health and nutrition questions in the world today. I followed the Pareto Principle as always. But even then, I was in for a rough ride. But....I enjoyed it !

Thanks to Miriam O'Callaghan for being tough but reasonably fair. And thanks to Prof Mike Gibney - for being....himself !  ;-)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many people have come back to me under the impression that Michael Gibney is a medical doctor - interesting as he is not - his field rather is agriculture & nutrition:   A flavor of his belief systems can be seen here - judge for yourself:

Yet you'll notice at 13min he disregards the expertise of an actual medical doctor with 20 years of clinical experience and research in this field. Not to mention the alignment that Dr. Gerber and I have with a massive worldwide network of progressive doctors, endocrinologists, cardiologists, PhD's and other specialties. And bizarrely misrepresents the WHO situation - see subtitles at end.

See also Professor Robert Lustig (an Endocrinologist - not a nutritionist) explaining how the calorie theory is rank anti-science:

Here's the short clip without making you go through the herb-cure stuff - but full link follows below this clip:

In the interests of full disclosure (conflict of interest) - I was called out as having a book on the market. Very important and fair for Miriam to point that out.  What was not called out was prof Gibney's conflicts of interest - so only fair and proper to reproduce them here:

For full details and all the tricks, pick up a copy of Eat Rich Live Long:

Note: being somewhat ambushed here (that's ok) -  I never got a chance to cover the power of the CAC scan - simply no opportunity to cover under the mini-barrage. But I will next time - of that you can be sure. "If you don't measure it, it don't get fixed!" 

So for the ultimate test to ascertain your current health, see The Widowmaker Movie here - for free - and "Know Your Score!"


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We have a new TV Star in the Making - Debut of Dr. Jeff Gerber

Well Jeff was busy promoting himself while I got stuck in Dublin Airport due to snowstorm - typical :-)

But he did a great job I'm sure you'll agree  - he'll be a TV doc yet....!

Here he is on FOX31 Denver:

And he had the cheek to scoot over to another channel's studio straight after and still breathless - again without me in tow ! Here he is on 9 News !

A Note of Appreciation for those who have Supported - and a Small Ask

To all who have purchased Eat Rich Live Long, we thank you so much. The reviews so far have been phenomenal - and highly motivational. Any proceeds from the book won't come close to covering the travel and other costs that Jeff and I incur while getting the message out there - but they offset them for sure.

We will continue to produce videos of talks, interviews and share the latest science - always for free. But we do have one ask of you as follows:

We currently have 18 reviews on and the other Amazon country-specific sites. They are all 5-star, and excellently written - thanks for this! But ideally we need to swamp Amazon with reviews, ideally from "verified purchasers", of which there are many! If you were not happy with the work, that's okay - but if you appreciate what we are trying to do - we need a minute of your time to be heard. The message won't spread without shoulders to the wheel - and we are up against a Leviathan of opposing interests (as you no doubt are well aware).

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Thanks again !

Ivor and Jeff

Eat Rich Live Long - Kindle version released today ! #LCHF #Longevity

A lot of people have been asking about the Kindle version - well here it is !



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20180309 Back Cover ERLL.JPG

Eat Rich Live Long - Released Today ! #LCHF #Keto #Longevity

Well it's finally here - family medicine doctor Jeffry Gerber and I now have our book available for all who want to beat chronic disease, aging rather with vigor and vitality. It covers all you need to know about achieving a healthy weight and optimum longevity. Eating rich in terms of nutrient density and ancestral traditions - not the price you pay for the food!  We were delighted that the great Dr. Michael R Eades blessed us with the foreword - a great read in itself :-)

Patient stories throughout will illustrate the amazing success that real people are having with this strategy, through applying the correct science that underpins health and longevity:



We would really appreciate if you could share this post to help out ("share" button is down at the bottom), but no biggie if you'd rather not assist... :-) 


Part One will cover the basics of where the world went wrong over the past decades, and what should have been emphasized for weight loss and maximal health. This part will be high-level and easily readable by ordinary people (but enjoyed by the geeky ones too!). It will be particularly accessible for friends and family who are not so well-versed in the science. It will introduce CAC as the only truly dependable way to assess your current mortality risk, and will explain the key root causes that drive most people's disease. The latter are of course easily addressable through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Part Two will deliver the key strategies for weight loss and maximal health. Again easily understandable and laid out in a very logical format. Anyone can be successful - when given the right science-based health strategy. This part will also include meal plans and advice for the first 7 days, followed by more detailed instruction for the next 14 days. It is the "easy way" to become a healthy fat-burner in only three weeks. All this is followed by a recipe section commissioned from a professional low-carb chef. Over 50 delicious low-carb & keto recipes are detailed,  with glorious high definition color photos for every one.

Part Three will delve deeper into the science - from insulin and the implications of excessive carbohydrate though to explaining cholesterol, coronary calcification and heart disease risk. Also covered will be healthy fats and keto regimes. We will of course cover the controversies surrounding protein intake. It wouldn't be complete without a chapter on cancer-avoidance strategies - so we included one on this important topic. Finally we wrap up with pitfalls and tips for long-term adherence to a strategy which will enable health, slimness and disease-free quality of life far beyond the current population averages. 

For completeness, a beefy appendix section will have more detail on all of the above. One really important appendix will reveal the detailed science of omega 6 vegetable oils. We think after reading that you'll quickly put down the vegetable oil bottle - and rightly retire to a safe distance...!

There's a lot more in there than listed above, and we also have around 300 references/citations for those who want to dig even deeper. Knock yerself out guys & gals !

Author's note: We have always provided free material over the past years (talks, interviews, blog posts etc). And we will continue to do so indefinitely. That said, if you appreciate what we are doing for the people, the only thing we'll ask is that you consider ordering the book. Not only will that support our efforts into the future - you'll also have all you need to know for you and your family...empowering them to eat rich and live long! A special note of appreciation to David Bobbett and the IHDA, without whom the professional editing and publisher acquisition would not have been feasible.

A teeny sample snippit below - note how fair and balanced we are? 

ERLL Snippit.JPG





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#KETOFEST 2018 Launched Today - Get in There !

Well the year has passed quickly indeed since last year's fun. Ketofest 2017 was a superb event, with plenty of science - but plenty of festival as well.  Now it's time to rerun the success, but bigger...and even better. Click link below to get details and support the team:

It only happens when the community helps - Carl and Richard thank you in advance for your support ! My talk from last year's event - one of my favorites as it turned out :-)

One for the Corporates - Fat Emperor on Management and Leadership Style #GALLUP

And now for something completely different - I was asked to do an interview in support of an MBA program. The beautiful Finnstown House was the venue. I would of course have helped out anyway, but this made it extra nice...!  For those of you interested in corporate management and leadership acumen, this may be for you...


...and if in Ireland, do visit Finnstown House for beautiful historical surroundings - with excellent food & drink always available... :-)


Fat Emperor at FIT-CEO Conference Dublin - Setting the Record Straight ;-)

My latest keynote talk, this time at the FIT-CEO corporate health and productivity conference at Davy Stockbrokers headquarters, Dawson Street Dublin. Conference organizer and leader was Jim Kirwan, with MC Emily Lane and facilitator Doug Gordon. 
I address material that will be familiar to many, but also cover some new stories of health regained through leveraging the science. Thanks to Remi at for the video footage; sound, editing and production was by yours truly :-)
00:00:09 Funny Video, my story, GGT and Ferritin importance versus "cholesterol"
00:09:18 The Insulin Resistance Syndrome - and fixing it
00:13:40 The reason WHY we've been fooled for decades
00:22:45 The Real Problem - what drives obesity and chronic disease
00:28:10 The Solutions - with some success stories !

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Promotion: Free Viewing of The Widowmaker Movie this Weekend ! #CAC #Longevity

Want to sit back and watch a fascinating movie, which exposes the corruption and deceit that robbed the world of the most powerful diagnostic scan to prevent heart attacks from happening? Grab the popcorn and see Gillian Anderson, Larry King and a host of eminent cardiologists reveal the riveting story of intrigue and big business influence which undermined us all.

Watch this could save your life. Free this weekend in glorious HD with the production values that cost millions of dollars to deliver. Note that you have to create a free vimeo account as part of the process - no big deal. Simply click the image below:

Note: the movie covers a lot, but can't cover the crucial nutritional solutions to the problem of a high CAC score. Take action immediately using the following guide for starters:

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How BIG is Undiagnosed #Diabetes in the Population? Answer: HUGE! #CVD

Congrats to our cardiovascular research pals James DiNicolantonio and Catherine Crofts - they've just published a brand-new paper on this topic, with Dr. Joseph Kraft's superb work at its centre :-)

But how did they contrive to publish this paper...on the very day that our interview with Joe passed 50,000 views? Dunno - guess they're just really clever guys !

Enjoy the excellent paper here:

And here is the man whose extraordinary work revealed the insulin iceberg in our modern population - Dr. Joseph R Kraft:

Of course, we mustn't forget either that most cardiovascular disease victims are essentially diabetic (google: "pareto principle"):

Eurospire Kraft.JPG

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