Fat Emperor at FIT-CEO Conference Dublin - Setting the Record Straight ;-)

My latest keynote talk, this time at the FIT-CEO corporate health and productivity conference at Davy Stockbrokers headquarters, Dawson Street Dublin. Conference organizer and leader was Jim Kirwan, with MC Emily Lane and facilitator Doug Gordon. 
I address material that will be familiar to many, but also cover some new stories of health regained through leveraging the science. Thanks to Remi at http://www.DVTV.com for the video footage; sound, editing and production was by yours truly :-)
00:00:09 Funny Video, my story, GGT and Ferritin importance versus "cholesterol"
00:09:18 The Insulin Resistance Syndrome - and fixing it
00:13:40 The reason WHY we've been fooled for decades
00:22:45 The Real Problem - what drives obesity and chronic disease
00:28:10 The Solutions - with some success stories !

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Promotion: Free Viewing of The Widowmaker Movie this Weekend ! #CAC #Longevity

Want to sit back and watch a fascinating movie, which exposes the corruption and deceit that robbed the world of the most powerful diagnostic scan to prevent heart attacks from happening? Grab the popcorn and see Gillian Anderson, Larry King and a host of eminent cardiologists reveal the riveting story of intrigue and big business influence which undermined us all.

Watch this movie...it could save your life. Free this weekend in glorious HD with the production values that cost millions of dollars to deliver. Note that you have to create a free vimeo account as part of the process - no big deal. Simply click the image below:

Note: the movie covers a lot, but can't cover the crucial nutritional solutions to the problem of a high CAC score. Take action immediately using the following guide for starters:

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How BIG is Undiagnosed #Diabetes in the Population? Answer: HUGE! #CVD

Congrats to our cardiovascular research pals James DiNicolantonio and Catherine Crofts - they've just published a brand-new paper on this topic, with Dr. Joseph Kraft's superb work at its centre :-)

But how did they contrive to publish this paper...on the very day that our interview with Joe passed 50,000 views? Dunno - guess they're just really clever guys !

Enjoy the excellent paper here:   http://openheart.bmj.com/content/openhrt/4/2/e000656.full.pdf

And here is the man whose extraordinary work revealed the insulin iceberg in our modern population - Dr. Joseph R Kraft:

Of course, we mustn't forget either that most cardiovascular disease victims are essentially diabetic (google: "pareto principle"):

Eurospire Kraft.JPG

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Eat Rich, Live Long - Publishing on Feb 6th 2018 ! #LCHF #Longevity #CAC

Well it's finally drawing close - family medicine doctor Jeffry Gerber and I now have our book available for pre-order on Amazon and other sites. Published by Victory Belt and distributed by Simon and Schuster, it will cover all you need to know about achieving a healthy weight and optimum longevity. The "eat rich" phrase is purposefully provocative - can you figure out its multi-level meaning? ;-)

Patient stories throughout will illustrate the amazing success that real people are having with this strategy, through applying the correct science that underpins health and longevity (note the cover on Amazon is long out of date, soon to be corrected):

USA:  https://www.amazon.com/Eat-Rich-Live-Long-Mastering/dp/1628602732

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mastering-Low-Carb-Spectrum-Weight-Longevity/dp/1628602732

We would appreciate if you could share this post to help out ("share" button is down at the bottom), but no biggie if you'd rather not assist... :-) 

We've structured this book in three main parts for accessibility:

Part One will cover the basics of where the world went wrong over the past decades, and what should have been emphasized for weight loss and maximal health. This part will be high-level and easily readable by ordinary people (but enjoyed by the geeky ones too!). It will be particularly accessible for friends and family who are not so well-versed in the science. It will introduce CAC as the only truly dependable way to assess your current mortality risk, and will explain the key root causes that drive most people's disease. The latter are of course easily addressable through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Part Two will deliver the key strategies for weight loss and maximal health. Again easily understandable and laid out in a very logical format. Anyone can be successful - when given the right science-based health strategy. This part will also include meal plans and advice for the first 7 days, followed by more detailed instruction for the next 14 days. It is the "easy way" to become a healthy fat-burner in only three weeks. All this is followed by a recipe section commissioned from a professional low-carb chef. Over 50 delicious low-carb & keto recipes are detailed,  with glorious high definition color photos for every one.

Part Three will delve deeper into the science - from insulin and the implications of excessive carbohydrate though to explaining cholesterol, coronary calcification and heart disease risk. Also covered will be healthy fats and keto regimes. We will of course cover the controversies surrounding protein intake. It wouldn't be complete without a chapter on cancer-avoidance strategies - so we included one on this important topic. Finally we wrap up with pitfalls and tips for long-term adherence to a strategy which will enable health, slimness and disease-free quality of life far beyond the current population averages. 

For completeness, a beefy appendix section will have more detail on all of the above. One really important appendix will reveal the detailed science of omega 6 vegetable oils. We think after reading that you'll quickly put down the vegetable oil bottle - and rightly retire to a safe distance...!

There's a lot more in there than listed above, and we also have around 400 references/citations for those who want to dig even deeper. The following is only a sample cover with quasi-random photos, but otherwise it will look similar to this:


eat rich live long cover.JPG

Author's note: We have always provided free material over the past years (talks, interviews, blog posts etc). And we will continue to do so indefinitely. That said, if you appreciate what we are doing for the people, the only thing we'll ask is that you consider ordering the book. Not only will that support our efforts into the future - you'll also have all you need to know for you and your family...empowering them to eat rich and live long! A special note of appreciation to David Bobbett and the IHDA, without whom the professional editing and publisher acquisition would not have been feasible.

A teeny sample snippit below - note how fair and balanced we are? 


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#CAC and The Widowmaker Movie 2015 - teaser time...! #cardiovascular #LCHF

The Widowmaker Movie 2015 fascinatingly reveals how big business puts money ahead of saving lives. But you don't need to be fooled by the shenanigans of the money-grubbers. Find out about the supreme technology to reveal true extent of heart disease in your body - and take action before it's too late....!

Teaser here:  

Full movie at Vimeo - click image below:


For more details visit http://www.IHDA.ie

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FIT-CEO Conference in Ireland on 30th Nov - still time to sign up! #performance

Just returning from Low Carb Universe Mallorca today, and time to gear up for the next event. This next one is being led by Jim Kirwan and will have a focus on strategic well-being and personal performance in your career and life. I will be covering the core science which enables longevity and vitality, while the other excellent speakers will cover a range of crucial enablers for your performance and productivity.

Most of the people seeing this post will be from outside Ireland - so make sure to send this link to your people "back in the old country"!


As a bonus, anyone who signs up to the conference will get a signed copy of myself and Dr. Gerber's new book when it launches in the US (early February 2018). This has been three years in the writing, and will have all the science and strategies you need for health and longevity. It is backed up by Dr. Gerber's decades of success in his family medicine practice, and has nearly 400 citations and references for those who wish to research further:


So if you're in Ireland and want to propel your performance...what are you waiting for?

Fat Emperor live and unhinged on Ketogeek's podcast ;-) #LCHF #Keto #CAC #Longevity

...just taking a moment to blog on my recent podcast with Fahad from Ketogeeks. Covered a ton of stuff, but I've timestamped this link to my favorite 15 minute segment:

Note I've used the Youtube version to enable time-stamping - full podcast options here:


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And see the fascinating Widowmaker Movie 2015 feature film on Vimeo here for a mere $1 ! :  https://vimeo.com/201445705

Full contents as laid out by Fahad in his post:

Time Stamps: 

4:58 – Paradigm shift in cardiology

6:36 – How do practitioners respond to latest research in cardiology?

7:46 – How do regular people and cardiologists find reliable science?

9:25 – What are the challenges for physicians & cardiologists going low carb?

10:28 – What brought Ivor to the low carb lifestyle?

13:25 – What is the relevance of Cholesterol, Ferritin & GGT for heart disease?

15:57 – Why Ivor decided to go against the doctor’s advice

17:17 – Relevance of particle sizes of cholesterol?

18:43 – Various ratios and how they represent insulin sensitivity

20:23 – HOMA index and the 2-hour insulin test

23:00 – The role of blood pressure in heart conditions

25:23 – Role of insulin resistance & hyperinsulinemia in heart disease

28:44 – High fat vs. High carb in the context of insulin resistance

32:45 – Calcification test, inflammation & buildup in arteries

36:42 – How is a calcification test conducted?

38:00 – How can you have the Calcification test done?

40:31 – Mechanism and concerns with Statin drugs

43:26 – Steps to take if you have heart disease and the “Ten Commandments”

47:26 – How to fast and keep it simple?

51:40 – Can everyone become insulinemic and insulin resistant?

54:56 – Role of genetics vs. environment in driving chronic conditions & insulin

57:47 – Can chasing low insulin go too far?

1:01:36 – Type 3, Type 4 & Type 5 Diabetes XD

1:05:10 – What is IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor 1?

1:06:46 – How do vegetable oils drive inflammation in the body?

1:11:36 – American Heart Association & their BS science.

1:14:23 – How fat storage and insulin resistance works in both overweight and seemingly thin people

1:19:09 – Can an overweight but insulin sensitive person be at risk of chronic diseases?

1:23:55 – Appetite & low carb or Keto diet

1:25:49 – What kind of study would Ivor conduct in humans?

1:29:15 – How do you make sense out of anecdotes?

1:33:45 – Magical claims about keto and exogenous ketone products

1:37:00 – Final Notes & Plug 


Back on Vinnie Tortorich's Super Podcast - enjoy the Riff...! #NSNG #Cholesterol

Vinnie needs no introduction - we had another great chat on all that matters, and a little clarification on all that don't. Callouts for Drs Mike Eades, Jeff Gerber and Ted Naiman - and Dr. Shawn Baker too... :-) 


Tip: just click the "Play Podcast" icon below the Splashscreen, especially if you don't have iTunes:

Important Talk by Nick Mailer at #AHS17 - A Crucial #Breastfeeding Narrative.

Myself and my wife Eilis have always felt very strongly about breastfeeding's important role in developing infants. All of our five children were thus fed, until 1 year and beyond. Now Nick Mailer has filled in the gaps with a fascinating history of this fundamental human function.

The history and facts around breastfeeding have been twisted beyond recognition during the past century - as rampant profiteering messed up the pitch. Enjoy this erudite discussion on a linchpin of ancestral health...it will bring you up to date for sure:

Summary:  "Until the arrival of forceps and the “male midwife”, men in traditional societies had little role in the birth and early feeding of infants. Women used traditional models of co-nursing, peer-support and matriarchal custom to help establish breastfeeding. From the 19th century, men inserted themselves insistently into the birthing process. Some interventions saved lives; others damaged early mother-child bonding. In the 20th century, men (largely) promoted formula as “scientific” and superior to breastfeeding. When this was revealed as profoundly inaccurate, cynical exploitation of the “New Man” as a model of nurturing masculinity - from dad in the birthing room to his “heroically” doing the night feeds - ironically undermined further the important physiological role of women in feeding infants. This talk examines how to resolve this mismatch between ancestral expectations and the laudable desire for gender equality, and discusses helpful roles men can undertake in an infant’s crucial early months."

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Aseem Malhotra in Ireland - TV3 AM Interview ! #cholesterol #PHCUK

Had a great meal last night with Aseem, who was in Ireland for a TV interview organised by Maev Creaven (Aseem will be among the great speakers at Maev's upcoming Irish event:   https://fmcireland.com/home ). 

http://IHDA.ie's David Bobbett hosted the dinner; we had an vibrant discussion on the power of calcium scanning (CAC) and the nutritional root causes of chronic disease. Sadly David had to rush off and missed the photo! :

in http://www.peploes.com/ restaurant Stephen's Green Dublin

in http://www.peploes.com/ restaurant Stephen's Green Dublin

Here's Aseem's great performance on Ireland's major morning TV show - keeping it clear and simple, keeping it real - his book with Donal O'Neill details how to leverage the science for optimal health https://www.amazon.com/Pioppi-Diet-21-Day-Lifestyle-Plan/dp/1405932635 :

We also discussed PHC UK (www.PHCuk.org), the upcoming PHC Ireland, and the plans afoot for affiliated PHC organisations all around the world - watch this space !

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Dr. David Unwin - resolving Diabetes and Obesity - with Science ! BACPR2017

Do you want to know the cheapest, simplest method for resolving Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity? A method which empowers and motivates the patient to save themselves - without being pickled with pharmaceuticals?
Well then you need to listen to the doctor who figured it out some years back, and is saving people left, right and centre. And these people love him for it - as well they should.
Humble and elegant, possessed of an enormous technical ability that can deploy new scientific understandings...to push back the tsunami of diabetes, obesity and CVD in our society.
He rather reminds me of Professor John Yudkin. But Yudkin was beaten back through no fault of his own. Whereas David will prevail.

Because David is supported by an army. A fighting force which will win this battle against disease-breeding foods for once and for all: 

"Call us legion...for we are many."

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and learn about the most powerful diagnostics for Heart Disease at http://www.IHDA.ie

Direct YOUTUBE Link:


If you want to know a little more of the technical detail, and the crucial nature of liver function and GGT - you can enjoy this chat with David in London last year:

Ivor Cummins Talk at Cardiology Conference BACPR 2017 London #LCHF

It was an honour and a privilege to speak yesterday at the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) annual conference.
A huge thanks to President-elect Dr. Scott Murray, President Dr. Joe Mills, Executive Director Sally Hinton and Scientific Officer Dr. Aynsley Cowie - for affording me the opportunity to share an alternative technical view of the root causes and primary markers for CVD.
No-one has all the answers, no-one has a monopoly on the truth. It is by discussing and debating the science that we will progress against the enormous disease burden our society faces.

I was proud to join all the other excellent speakers who are striving to make a difference in this great challenge we need to face in the coming decades.

My talk is somewhat uncompromising, and may even appear dogmatic. The content and messages are however driven by the hardest of science and the most decisive data available. I hope you enjoy the talk...and not least - the controversial conclusions that I reach.

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem) CEng MIEI PMP©

Please see http://www.IHDA.ie for information on the most accurate diagnostic for heart disease

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DIRECT YOUTUBE LINK:  https://youtu.be/5Nqg2ahW5sQ

With Professor Scott Murray at The Hilton, Paddington.

With Professor Scott Murray at The Hilton, Paddington.

The times they are a changin' - #GLUCOSE #SPIKE Awareness !!!

Well here's a must-watch. No proper discussion of #insulin, hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance - but significant progress towards root-cause nonetheless. Of course hyperinsulinemia underpins the whole shootin' match, but we need to wait for everyone to catch up with that. Also they are dangerously obfuscating with their "too thin" warning - being thin is perfectly healthy on a low-carb diet, as you become a superb fat-burner. But lacking bodyfat on a high-carb diet can be dangerous indeed. The nuances matter - they matter a LOT.  Also very misleading is the guy around 35min - he had meat and fish as a major portion of his calories compared to the rice - but of course they have to give credit to vegetables before the other. Not that this is untrue - but should not be the first thing mentioned ideally. And why did he need the rice at all - it is after all just GLUCOSE in the first place! Right. Also, the skipping breakfast data is misleading too - because the experiments were conducted using high-carb SUGAR-BURNER guys. Pity no-one can pull it all together properly. But watch this space...

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiVFtRlObZk

Thanks to Andy Lopez for link :-)

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Fat Emperor, with some home truths on Chronic Disease - and Root Cause Fix !

Okay the great Keto Dudes (Carl and Richard) have released my recent talk at Ketofest 2017 (Connecticut). 

I didn't pull punches here - hope you feel my passion for the outrageous lack of understanding that exists in orthodox preventative medicine. We aim to help fix that situation - with #LCHF of course, and many other science-based interventions.

I hope you enjoy this talk - I know I enjoyed giving it.

Please share, and not just with your friends and family. Share it with your doctor. It should help them immensely. 

Supported by http://www.IHDA.ie

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at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thewidowmakermovie2015

With #LCHF and root cause solutions applied - it could save your life !

A case history of high #GGT and #SIBO, with Gut-based root cause - interesting !

Quick post today on interesting case of something that can drive up GGT. With potentially huge increases in liver-related complications later in life. It is based on an email conversation with a person who was struggling to deal with chronically elevated GGT. I'm guessing Dr. Guðmundur F. Jóhannsson will enjoy this one. And it may be important for many people out there who have elevated GGT. As far as I know there is no published literature around this. So this may be a first. Share with anyone who is smart enough to be measuring and monitoring their GGT number. Note also that although not a key factor in Joe's case, a healthy #LCHF regime will hugely assist in improving SIBO for myriad people! Here's a tip from Gabor Erdosi however:  "LCHF with lots of plants is insufficient against SIBO/SIFO, you need to go as far as dairy free zero carb!"

The conversation verbatim below:

JOE (April 2017): I understand you had an issue with elevated GGT and did a lot of research around that problem. I have the same problem. Would you be so kind and share your insights with me? What are the risks if it stays high? How can I lower it? Did you manage to control it? How? Maybe you can point me to the key scientific papers that I should study. Many thanks for your help

IVOR (April 2017):  Two things commonly drive up GGT - Alcohol and Carbohydrate excess. I and other cases had values over 100, whacked down promptly with low carbohydrate (I drink plenty of red wine – but this still ok with low carb regime). The following is a good resource, but they won't mention low carb: http://www.healtheiron.com/ggt-science-library

As can be seen in the above link the risks are for cardiac disease, liver and other cancers, and all-cause mortality. I would aim to be below 30. Serum Ferritin synergistically links to GGT risk - again the way to lower this (and eliminate metabolic syndrome inflammation that drives it) is low carb healthy living. A good site for low carb:  http://www.dietdoctor.com . Attached my metrics driven good by low carb living; excessive sugar and carb drives inflammation and the liver / physiology suffers....

my GGT tumbled in approximately 8 weeks only - this biomarker should respond quickly (e.g. it is often used to verify if alcoholics are staying dry. Their GGT levels drop fairly promptly when off the drink. But due to unknown biological changes that years of drinking have caused in their liver and organs - their GGT rockets up when they drink again. Even a couple of days drinking will do it. The GGT goes up way faster than a non-alcoholic's would when exposed to similar short bursts of alcohol. Amusing that Robert Lustig equates alcohol with sugar as a hepatic poison - he's on the ball…!

There is a director of the Iron Disorders Institute who I traded emails with a couple of years ago; I gave her my hypothesis and she agreed 100% - said she had discovered same link of high carb to high GGT, and was actually writing a book on it; I must get back to her and see if she ever finished !

JOE (Aug 2017): Hi Ivor, I just wanted to close the loop on this: In my case, low carb and low A1c didn't help much. While my TG and HDL improved, my GGT remained in the 150-250 region (where it has been for almost 20 years!). But what did help was the following: it turns out I must have had SIBO and SIFO for most of my life. After a cure with rifaximin and neomycin followed by nystatin, my GGT is now down to 40. Amazing! Bacterial Endotoxins and Mycotoxins must have poisoned my liver. Just wanted to let you know, because I didn't find much written about SIBO/SIFO and GGT. Many thanks again for your help!



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Professor Matthew J. Budoff pt 2: Primary Care Physicians and CAC

Dr. Jeff Gerber asks most of the questions in part two of our interview with Professor Matthew J. Budoff. He wrote the atlas of CT technology, and has unparalleled knowledge in this sphere: http://www.springer.com/gp/book/97815...

We focus here mainly on the imperative for primary care physicians to become educated in the power of the CAC score from the Coronary Calcification Scan. The incredible predictive power is summarized here in one of Matthew's countless peer-reviewed published papers:  https://www.hindawi.com/journals/scie...


First and main interview below - covers all the requisite details on CAC ! :

Did you know that 40% of heart attacks occur in the 10% of people with highest CAC Score? Or that ~60% of 'Framingham Middle Risk' people are reclassified after a CAC - into LOW or HIGH risk groups? Or that people with a yearly rising CAC score - have 6 to 8 TIMES the heart attack rate compared to those with stable CAC? That's right - the Calcium Scan is cheap, fast and unparalleled - and it is grossly underutilized.

The CAC is now recommended in the 2013 European and American Cardiology guidelines. But the majority of doctors have no idea about it. To find out more go to http://www.IHDA.ie for great information. And watch David Bobbett's 'The Widowmaker Movie' (2015) with Gillian Anderson and Larry King:



Millions of lives over the past 30 years have been lost due to ignorance of the scan's power (and no small amount of politics and profiteering).

Time to fix the situation.


Calcification and CAC with the expert: Professor Matthew J. Budoff, MD, FAAC

Dr. Jeff Gerber and myself finally caught up with Professor Matthew J. Budoff in California. He was a pivotal figure in recognizing the power of the CT Scan of the Heart - and decades ago to boot. He has led extensive cardiac research efforts over the past decades, publishing an enormous number of papers on calcification scanning and many other areas of cardiac research. Here is just one example - an excellent summary of CAC's power:


He also wrote the atlas of CT technology:  http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9781573402675

Did you know that 40% of heart attacks occur in the 10% of people with highest CAC Score? Or that ~60% of 'Framingham Middle Risk' people are reclassified after a CAC - into LOW or HIGH risk groups? Or that people with a yearly rising CAC score - have 6 to 8 TIMES the heart attack rate compared to those with stable CAC? That's right - the Calcium Scan is cheap, fast and unparalleled - and it is grossly underutilized. Learn the key points in this interview, in less than 20 minutes:

Second part of interview below - focus on the primary care physician imperative:

The CAC is now recommended in the 2013 European and American Cardiology guidelines. But the majority of doctors have no idea about it. To find out more go to www.IHDA.ie for great information. And watch 'The Widowmaker Movie' (2015) with Gillian Anderson and Larry King (best dollar you'll ever spend!). David Bobbett founded www.IHDA.ie and funded this excellent movie to awaken the people - link below:  

Also direct link below:


Millions of lives over the past 30 years have been lost due to ignorance of the scan's power (and no small amount of politics and profiteering).

Time to fix the situation.


London Calling ! BACPR #Cardiovascular Event this October 5th #LCHF

A most interesting event will be taking place in London later in October It is being run by the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR). Welcome will be cardiologists, doctors, nurses, nutritionists - and interested members of the public. 

The 2017 conference sessions will include many fantastic speakers. Oh, and me too :-). Link below has the current schedule, which includes Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. David Unwin:


Hope to see you there...register at:  http://www.bacpr.com/pages/news_box.asp?NewsID=19495696 !

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Supported by www.IHDA.ie - the Irish source for crucial information...on identifying Heart Disease early enough to prevent Heart Attacks

Just back from #PHCManc2017. Time to progress #PHCIreland...!

Jason, Jeff and I had a fantastic weekend at the www.phcuk.org conference in Manchester. We enjoyed giving our talks, but more importantly mixing with so many exceptional and dedicated people. The event was packed with nutritionally-astute GP's. It was really quite extraordinary - and has the makings of a revolution: www.phcuk.org/conference

Something's also been brewing in the auld emerald isle. You guessed it - the embryonic www.phcireland.org is in gestation. We suspect that a Canadian entity will be coming to term by 2018... ;-)

We had the honour of hosting Dr. Jason Fung, his wife Mina and Dr. Jeff Gerber on Tuesday night (in Shanahan's on the Green). See Jason's fantastic resource at https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/

 David Bobbett and www.IHDA.ie brought us all together for an excellent discussion. Strategy will be imperative in tackling our epidemic of chronic disease - there are so many headwinds. The use of excellent diagnostic technology like the CAC scan will also be required, to identify those with severe but hidden disease. The latter folks will require well-formulated #LCHF as a minimum intervention.

Thanks to Dr. Gearoid O'Laoi for the photos:

We will start off with just MD's and consultants until we are ready to expand. The structure will be extended in late 2017 / early 2018. In the initial grouping we have some seasoned #LCHF GP's and surgeons, a pathologist and a psychiatrist. This is the first time we have all met in one place. The group will grow. In the past day or two we have been approached by a highly experienced #LCHF endocrinologist - and a hugely accomplished vascular surgeon. We expect many more from the medical community to come forth.

We will defer to the excellent leadership of Sam Feltham and the PHCUK organisation. But we will create an affiliate in Ireland to focus the effort that will be required. Recruitment to the group will continue over the next six months until we are ready to open for members.

The talking heads currently blame the victims. We blame the bad nutritional science that has been foisted on the people. Ireland is on a collision course for diabesity Armageddon. Someone has to do something about it: http://www.ipcra.org/ireland-leads-the-obesity-epidemic-in-europe 

Note: we apologize to Jason and Mina for such a sudden exposure to the fiery passion of the Irish crew (just like for the drug trials, they perhaps should have been afforded a "run in period"... :-)

Diabetes Unpacked - support The Noakes Foundation and help all with #Diabetes

Jeff and I had the privilege of writing a chapter for the new book on diabetes from the Noakes Foundation. It is packed with valuable information on the science of diabetes - our modern health epidemic. Most importantly it elucidates on how this epidemic can be halted through understanding its root causes. Appropriately it is dedicated to all diabetics - those who have suffered through the bad science of the past decades. The bad, bad science which underpins their condition.

The book is available at http://diabetesunpacked.com/ - all proceeds go to The Noakes Foundation. Please show your support for the hundreds of millions of diabetics in our world today - and buy a copy to help save them from quasi-exploitation.

Dr. Gerber has finally made it to Ireland and sits here on my deck in Dublin - "warming his arse" as we say... :-)